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Theo Jansen  Strandbeest

Side note: These don’t have motors. They’re completely momentum/wind-powered and literally just wander around beaches unsupervised like giant abstract monsters.

these are both amazing and COMPLETELY TERRIFYING

i’m unreasonably freaked out and disturbed by these

Is this in some kind of uncanny valley?? It’s like an uncanny Communist march or something.

And for some reason I can’t help but imagine these things eternally striding across a barren, lifeless world.

They look like Studio Ghibli things


While I’m waiting for Tails to get ready, I did this because bandwagon and fun.  I don’t really ship all that much lol 

This is all ships I see working out/don’t like in the romantic sense. There’s a LOT I like in the platonic sense (Like Sonic and Tails and Mighty and Ray) but for romance? Hell no. So yeah. 

If you guys wanna ask me about what ELSE I ship since this is just gamecanon, go right ahead if you want to!

Blankity blank blank!

Ten states of my mind 

1.) Beach, free, careless, happy, party

2.) Snow, mysterious, blanked out, forgotten

3.) Dark Forest, ominous, nerving

4.) Prison, depression, restrained, singled, lost

5.) Asylum, creepy, insane, misunderstood

6.) Ocean, drifting, lost again, bleakness

7.) Drowning, fear, sad, alone, dead

8.) Caged, rejected, bullied, hurt, displayed

9.) Space, chemicals, drinks, crazy, fun time

10.) Heavens, at rest, guilt free, truly happy in the end

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